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Draggin' Tail Run distance:  _____18 miles run:  ($20/$25)    _____ 5K run: ($15)

Relay team: $54/$60 (Three runner team)

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February 11, 2012
Mardi Gras:  _____5K Run  _____5K Walk  _____1Mile Run  _____1Mile Walk:  
Adults:  $15 early/$20 late & Race Day     Children under 16: $12 early/$15 late and Race Day

T-shirt size:  _______S   ________M  _______L   _______XLG

WAIVER & RELEASE:  I am in proper physical condition to participate in this event.  In consideration of acceptance of this entry, I waive any and all claims fro myself and my heirs against officials, volunteers, and/or sponsors of the
Mardi Gras 5K Run & Fitness Walk and 1 Mile Family Fun Run/Walk,
the Draggin' Tail 18 Mile Run & Relay or 5K Run for any injury or illness which may directly or indirectly result from my participation.  I grant permission to all of hte foregoing to use any photographs, motion pictures, recording or any
other record of this event for any legitimate purpose. I understand that radio/tape/CD headsets, dogs or other animals, in-line skates, skateboards, bicycles and vehicles to transport children are prohibited and that violation of this
prohibition will result in disqualification.

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Mail Entries to:      Draggin' Tail Run
             6314 John Pitts Rd
             Panama City, FL 32404

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Park Manager, Steven Cutshaw walking from the
Gregory House to greet welcomed guests.
Draggin' Tail Runner
Application Form
The sign says it all! It means business!
2012 Torreya State Park's
Draggin' Tail 25K/50K
Ultra Trail Challenge Run
The “Beauty and the Beast” fully
describes one of Florida’s newest
trail ultras.  Torreya State Park’s
Draggin’ Tail 25K/50K Ultra Trail
Challenge provides participants
every bit of what the descriptive
name implies.  In 2008, it pushed
ultra runners from around the
Southeast to their limits! So what
will the 2012 version have to offer?  
One must first know Torreya State
Park to fully understand the full
impact of what was asked of these
Torreya State Park is probably one
of the best kept secrets in the ultra
running community!  It is full of very
diverse eco-systems that range
from hardwood forests, river flood
basins, limestone bluffs and some
of Florida’s steepest hills along
the Apalachicola River near Bristol,
Florida.  The trails are
exceptionally maintained by
dedicated park rangers under the
vision and insight of Park manager
Steven Cutshaw.    Torreya State
Park also boasts some of the
most unique and rare fauna and
The Draggin’ Tail Ultra Trail
Challenge is a test of one’s
motivation, preparation, physical
stamina and mental fortitude!
Torreya is like the Beauty and the
Beast. It has all of the beauty
“Mother Nature” can provide but the
“Beast” simply chews up ultra
runners of all ages and skills and
spits them out.  One is always
dealing with the three “H’s”.  Heat,
humidity and hills that give all the
ultra runners the fourth “H”! Hurting
The course consists of two very
distinct loops with inner
connecting feeder trails.  A run
around the entire perimeter loop
will equal a 25K or approximately
15.5 miles. For the brave souls
that need that additional adrenalin
rush, the 50K is comprised of an
additional loop. The climbs are
brutal, the crashing descents
treacherous only to be repeated
over and over again.  Flat running
surfaces are not in the vocabulary
of the  Draggin’ Tail Challenge.   
The lower trail system is full of
knarley roots that challenge the
best ankles and knees. The upper
grassland segments allow the sun
to zap all your remaining energy.
Torreya State Park only allows 60
participants to brave what it has to
offer because of the sensitive
nature of the trails.  Alternate
runners wait in the wings hoping
for a slot to open up at the last
minute.  This Ultra Trail Challenge
has become a very desirable event
to add to their resume’.  
Fifty runners completed the 2011
edition.  Several were repeat
winners from the previous year!  
More females entered the field this
year than in the past and provided
a great challenge to their male
counterparts.  They offered one
more “H” and that being humility!
2008 Photos may be sen at:

Torreya's Draggin' Tail Ultra Trail Run
Special thanks go to all our great
volunteers that made the race possible!
Participants for the 2012 Torreya State Park's Draggin' Tail 25K/50K Ultra Trail Challenge!
50K Runners:
Shelton Ansley
Ed Baggett
Mike Baker
Scott Barloga
Dave Brillhart
Jeff Bryan
Gary Cato
Kate Chunka
Andrew Colee
Chrissy Coutts
Jenny Eckenrode
Bruce Hall
Gary Johnston
Herb Kicklar
Steve Knox
Megan Mays
Mike McConnell
Vince Molosky
Kelly Murzynsky
Aaron Scrimager
Allen Smith
Charles Syder
Dana Stetson
Elizabeth Stupi
25K Runners
Robin Adams
Kirsten Baggett
Michael Boll
Wayne Boulanger
Michelle Brooks
Chuck Davis
Dana Davis
Mike Dickeyy
David Farnsworth
Jose Fernandez
Nicki Guffey
Fransisco Hernandez
Mary Holley
Pat Judd
Michael Kennett
Lynn Masimore
Andrew Maurey
Katelyn McCabe
Lydia Miles
Jim Moran
Dale Pearson
Tammy Pearson
Ryan Pollard
Marie Ratchford
Ashleigh Smith
Meredeth Snowden
The 2012 participant number is capped at 60 runners due to the
pristine, sensitive nature of the trails at Torreya State Park. We still
have a few slots to fill.  Email Joe at and he will
forward a flyer to you. This is not on or anyother online
service. Come be a part of running the "different" Florida!