The 14th Annual Draggin' Tail 18 Mile Challenge & 5K Run was held November 22nd in Sunny Hills, FL.  The race head quarters,
this year, was St. Theresa's Catholic Church.  It served as the staging area, start and finish line and post race banquet hall.  A very
chilly morning greeted over 100 runners in anticipation of what laid ahead.  

Several runners opted for an early  7 a.m. start with all the other runners taking off at 8 a.m.  Runners participated as individuals in
the 18 mile and 5K runs or as part of a three person team in the 18 mile run.  When the gun went off, runners had the rolling hills
through the oak and pine forests of NW Florida to great them.  The Draggin' Tail Run has some of the best volunteers aiding all the
athletes as they attempted to achieve their goals. Tim Wanamaker and his faithful Bay High volunteers are the key to all the runner
survival!  All that started the race finished!  This goal was met.

The 5K event was in its fourth year and definitely challenged the shorter event participants.  The 5K was not anymore forgiving than
the 18 miler.  It also consisted of a few "rolling" hills. Times were good considering the challenge of the hills.  

Once the racers finished their given event, they were greeted with hot soups, chili, redbeans and rice and plenty of other goodies.
The main chef "Marty" was one of the co-race directors.  Runners keep returning to the Draggin' Tail Run just to get the good food!  

This year's awards were again the events main figure, the dragon!  They complimented the great T-shirts and food.  Awards went to
the overall, masters and grandmasters in both male and female categories.  The three person teams also competed for the
prestigious "dragons". Awards went 3+ deep in 5 year age groups.  Some of our runners have collected quite a few.

The race photos on this page tell many stories.  Emotions range from elation, depression, happy, sad, fatigue, relief and one of
Draggin' Tail Runner
2012 Draggin' Tail Event Information
Draggin' Tail Photos
Runners start on Sunny Hills Blvd in front of St.
Theresa's Catholic Church.  Freezing weather
greeted these runners with temperatures in the
30's at race time.  Fortunately, the temperature
did climb and finished as a gorgeous day.

The weather was positively one of the best the
Draggin' Tail Run has seen.

Several runners opted for the 7 a.m. early start.
Overall Winners!
Mackey cranks in at 1:52:23!
Jack McDermott wins again with a 1:55:32.
Jim Meadows wins Masters with 2:04:56                Ryan Vermilyea   3:07:06
Hobson blazes to a 2:03:59 for Grand Masters.
Clock was corrected later for PC start!
Dana Black wins O/A Female. 2:20:43!
Karen Meadows for Masters Female.2:224:43       Jeffrey Ward & Thomas Tharpe 3:03:18
Lou Ellen Jayroe wins GM with 2:41:01
David Shearon:  2:00:26
Jeremy Duplissey   2:33:29                                Team Turtle   2:33:39  Rock/Paper/Scissors 2:33:40      PC Crawlers   2:35:19                                         Jeff James   3:01:01
Dale Nash   2:35:59                                                 Michael Marshman   2:36:53                                 Floyd Coleman   2:36:58                                    James Wells    3:00:41
Michael/Quinn   2:43:10                                        Karen Baxley   2:43:13                                           Amanda Geray   2:43:30                                     Theresa Sullivan   2:54:24
Adam Burdeshaw 2:01:57                                   Dave Garrett   3:02:42
Marshall McClanahan   2:38:35                         Kelly Murzynsky 2:39:23  Burke Seymore   2:38:24     Kevin Moore   2;40:58                                         Buddy Thompson   2:58:34
Rick Hodge   2:41:37                                             Laura McDermott   2:42:33                                   Bill Zahler   2:42:50                                            Tony Bennett & Lori Hast   2:56:19
A special thanks to St.
Theresa's Catholic
Church for allowing the
Draggin' Tail Run the
opportunity to carry on
its pre-Thanksgiving,
Sunny Hills' tradition.
Mackey, O/1 PC, Lou Ellen FG/M, Karen FM,
Jim M, Dana O/A F, Hobson GM, Jack O/A
Missy Terry   2:47:51                                              The Running Trolls   2;48:32                                Robert Love   2:49:01                                      Chloe Elfrink   2:51:19
James Burger   2:43:36                                           Jonathan McKee   2:44:01                                   Michelle Underwood   2:45:38                           Lynn Powell   2:53:38
Foster Jennings   2:49:16                                        Roger Sprandel   2:49:24                                601 AOC 1  2:52:49  601 AOC 2  2:52:50
Anna Bauer  2:45:41  Steve Bauer  2:45:42          Brad Kelley   2:47:17                                      Carra Summers  3:47:24 & Jeff Whitton 3:47:35     Tiffany Jagel   2:52:24
Morrie Ingalls.  2:23:51                                          Amy Mann   2:27:01                                                 Lee Moss   2:32:47                                            Lydia Miles 3:01:18   Nicki Guffey 3:01:19
Jill Wofsey   3:07:14
Charlie Black   3:07:53
Charlotte Kuntz   3:16:19
Andy Wall  3:10:19