Draggin' Tail Runner
Run Factoids
Vince Molosky Wins 50K Title for 5th time

    Ideal weather conditions greeted 25K and 50K runners at Torreya State
Park just above Bristol, FL for its 5th annual Draggin' Tail 25K/50K Ultra Trail
Challenge. Thanks to the weather gods for treating all our runners to this great
running weather. Cool temps always translate into PR's for those fortunate to
have run Torreya but also beckon newbies into her mystical powers.
    Sixty fortunate runners gathered around Panama City's Azalea Queen,
Morgan Summers, for a Southern Bell start. The trails were fantastic. All the
staff, under Park Manager Steve Cutshaw, keep this gem of the Florida State
Park in top condition. As the sun started to slowly peak over the horizon, ultra
runners from near and far took off on their quest to conquer Torreya. Who would
win that day?  Athletes or the trails?  
    This is a 15 mile single-track loop and one of the most challenging courses
you will ever run. Joe Edgecombe and Marty Kirkland put on the 25K/50K
Draggin' Tail race every April. A new runner to TorreyaI met a guy that runs
mountain races up north, and he thinks this is a bear of a course. It is about an
hour outside of Tallahassee. This is a must-do race. You'll be smiling even thru
the pain, as you climb and drop thru ravines and across terrain that varies from
tropical rain forest, to Croom-style scrub, to Wekiwa-style forest, negotiating
major roots in some areas, leaping over streams, tight roping narrow single-
track with 20 foot dropoffs. It really didn't feel like Florida. An elevation profile is
included below.

Torreya Photo Album
Vince Molosky, 5 time Torreya
ultra trail winner.
Panama City's very own Azalea Queen, Morgan Summers, adds a classy touch to a very special race!
Torreya's very own Gnome!
The fortune cookie said it all!
Bib, finish medal and winner's
    Vince continued his domination of Torreya. His is one of the most humble ultra
runners you might meet. Smiling throughout his run while other struggle to
breathe! He effortlessly glided to his 5th Overall Win as others jockey for the
remaining podium slots. All finishers received an engraved Forestry marker finish
medal. This was their badge of courage for undertaking this challenging course.
   Representatives runners from Orlando, Gainesville, Pensacola , Tallahassee,
Panama City, Wewa, Marianna, Blountstown and Dothan were present. See the
race results below. By the way, all the runners that took on the challenge were
winners! What a sense of accomplishment!
50K Finish times
25K Finish times
15. Andrew Colee  10:51           0:21:14

Happy Easter, Torreya style.
Thanks to Liz Stupi for the great
Easter Basket!
A bridge to somewhere!  Beats
forging all the spring fed
springs Torreya has to offer!