Andy Colee and Ingrid Racheski
give a thumbs up to Ingrid's First
event ever. Way to start out right!
Lisa and Brian were the first to hit Devil's
hole and are headed back to shore.
Marty is leading Al, Missy and Andrea to
the "Dark" side...Trail running rocks!
Draggin' Tail Runner
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PR&T Econfina        
Adventure Run
July 5th just happened to be a Saturday
and no races to be found. Freedom
Springs Triathlon was just the day before
so what was a running club to do? Well,
with just a little innovation and a slightly
twisted idea, Joe and Marty came up with
the 1st ever Econfina Adventure Run.  An
invitation was sent out to all the club
members via the newsletter and emails.
This was to be a fun, low key event that
welcomed new comers, wannabees and
their families. A post race picnic was to

The run consisted of all the participant
blowing up balloons and having to sit on
them until they popped before they could
start their first sub-2 mile run. At the half
way point on this run, a small obstacle
greeted the runners. It consisted of, yes,
you guessed it, Econfina Creek and
Devil's Hole Spring.  All the runners were
to wade across the creek, climb a short
bluff and jump into the spring and then
return to the start/finish area. I can say
that everyone met that challenge with
enthusiasm. The spring actually cooled
them down!

Once the runner returned to the
start/finish line, they had to throw 3 bean
bags into pails and then mount their
mountain bikes for a short ride. At the turn
around on the bike ride, a bucket was
located with bracelets and a camera.
They were to put on a bracelet and take
their own photo! After taking their own
photo, they returned to the start/finish line
for more "secret" tasks.

This time, when the bikers returned, they
all had to go to a large American Flag and
say the Pledge of Allegiance.  The final
leg of the adventure run then took them
back towards the bike leg course.  Now
these runners had to cross over and
under a large tree and enter the Econfina
Creek. A hundred yard slog though the
creek headed them back to the start/finish
line.  As they came into the transition
area, the adventurers had to do the
"Hopscotch" on a pattern drawn in the dirt.
The crossed the finish line and placed
their time on a card.  The final bonus
came as the last "secret" task was
completed. It was squeezing their socks
out to see who had the most water left
from wading the creek.

This little exercise in adventure running
was also a great spectator sport. All the
surprise duties happened in front of all
the families in the picnic areas. There
were some great Kodak moments

The participants included:  Marty Kirkland,
Andy & Andrea Weckerlin, Al and Missy
Terry and the twins, Brian & Denika
Goddin and Connor, Karen Harwood,
Lisa Weis, Andrew Coless, Ingrid
Racheski, Liz Brownlee and her fiance
Chris Faulk, Theresa & Jak Sullivan and  
David & Kyu and their son David.  Other
family members helped by doing
videography, shooting photos and picking
up bean bags and cheering everyone on.
Frederick Weckherlin and Kristie and
Hannah Fleming provided this great

Like all our "socials", we had some really
great food and general comradery! It
made for a great post Fourth of July
outing! Come join the fun and be part of
the Panhandle Runners & Triathletes
Club.  Email us and we can send you
more information at:
Al follows Marty as Missy and Adrea get
ready to jump
Liz & Chris, Theresa, David and Karen all show their style in "bluff jumping"!
Lisa is looking good on her second run!
Kyu looks down from the bridge as her
husband and son finish their creek run.
Andrea is wonder just who is
responsible for getting her into this!
The two Davids head up the creek as they
near the finish.
Liz found that she could float down
stream quicker than running in it!
Liz and Chris run across the bridge just
moments before their creek run.
Being 6' 5'' doesn't hurt when it come to
running a shallow creek.
Chef Andy cooking dogs as all the other
hungry runner belly up to the food table!
Al digs in as his daughter decides what to
eat next. Jak  samples some of the feast.
Hannah and Connor played hard all day with
the bean bags, alligators and their buckets.
David,Kyu and young David check out  chef
Andy's cooking!
Missy and Al pick a clear path though the
fall downs in the creek.
Lisa has an unwelcomed
"surprise" guest sneak up
while she was eating.
Denika poses with some of
the delicacies.
Ingrid and Denika move the food around to
better serve the runners. Don't get too close
to all these hungry adventure runners!
Mid-Bike Ride Self Portraits
Chef Bubba Andrew
Frederick Weckherlin,
official food sampler!
Andrea, Jak and Andy with
all the goodies!