Draggin' Tail Runners
About Us
Who Are We?
Joe Edgecombe and Marty Kirkland  started the
Draggin' Tail Runners in 1995  to get all their
running buddies to join them in training and
racing in Sunny Hills, Florida.  This is one area
of Florida that actually has hills that challenge
those wanting something different and beautiful!
What Are We About?
The Draggin' Tail Runner's main focus is on
directing quality running and multi-sport events
from a participant's perspective.  This includes
a very organized event,  accurately measured
courses, awesome multi-colored T-shirts,
unique awards tied to the  theme of the event,
well stocked aid stations and a  great post race
How have we done?
We have just  held our 15th Annual Draggin' Tail
18 Mile Run.  Beginning at the 10th Anniversary,
a 5K Run was also held.  Many runners are
repeat participants and travel from a very wide
geographical area!  Draggin' Tail events are
very value oriented.  Runners get more "bang
for their bucks" than anywhere else around. The
Draggin' Tail reputation says it all!
PR&T Members Tackle the Warrior
Dash at Copper Mountain, Colorado
This year's Draggin' Tail 18 Mile Run will
start and finish at the same  location!
will start and end at St. Teresa's Catholic
Church at 8:00 a.m.  St. Teresa's is 1 mile
off Hwy 77 on Sunny Hills Blvd. Follow
the signs!
As you can see, we had a great time trying to meet the Warrior Dash Challenges! If you
ever have the opportunity to do one of these type events, Just Do It!  Runners, walkers,
people of all ages had a memorible time playing in the mud and meeting all the challenges
that faced us. This is no different than life itself. Enjoy the journey!
On August 20, 2011, members of the Panhandle
Runners Club took on the Warrior Dash at Copper
Mountain, CO. The PR&T team were preparing to
work the TransRockies 6 Day Stage Run across the
Rocky Mountains when they decided to expand their
running horizons.

The Warrior Dash consists of a 3.17 mile run, at
altitude with 10 different obstacles mixed in just to
challenge one's fortitude. The dash was held over 2
days and consisted of waves every 30 minutes.  
Each wave has a hundred or more participants.
Several thousand runners had a blast.

Some of the obstacles consisted of tires hanging
on chains and swinging, a steep ramp, 4
barricades that you had to climb over and then
immediately duck under and elevate barrier. You
had to climb through bungie cords that resembled
spider webs, crawl through a tunnel, climb up and
over several huge walls on cargo netting, cross over
a ditch while balancing on 2x6's, swim through a
deep mud pit and finally jump through fire at the

Here are several photos at various stages of the
event. People were dressed up in costumes that
were inventive, daring and especially crazy. At the
end of the event, people feasted as if they were at a
rock concert. Huge TV screens showed runners out
on the course. Live bands, smoked turkey legs and
plenty of beer were part of the finisher booty! Check
out the photos!